Nathan Feiles, MSW, LCSW

Therapy is your place to be yourself — to feel what you need to feel, process what you need to process, express what you need to express, to be heard, and to create change. If you’ve ever worried that you’re “too much” for others, this is a place you don’t have to worry about being too much. I value providing a safe and comfortable space for you to be you. I’m here to help you create the changes you desire in yourself and in your life.

Whether we are in the room together, or meeting online, I believe that safety, care, trust, honesty, and genuineness are at the center of an effective therapy, and I do my best to follow this with every person I work with. Whatever your reason is for starting therapy, you are welcome here.

To schedule an appointment either for in-person therapy or online specialty coaching, please visit the contact page.