Do you experience chronic migraines or headaches?

Maybe you even feel stressed, anxious, or depressed because of this struggle.

Do you often feel like no one understands or gets what you’re going through since they can’t “see” the pain (or other symptoms, such as aura)?

Or, migraines may impact your relationships, career, or your general life.

Migraines can be a lonely and painful struggle, impacting many areas of life.

I also work with people who struggle with migraines. While migraines often have a medical presentation to them, there can often be an emotional component to migraines, as well. Many people who struggle with chronic migraines are predisposed to them, and then something, or often a combination of factors can trigger the episodes. For example, for some people, hormonal shifts or other biological factors can trigger migraine episodes. However, sometimes the triggers are more emotionally-based and work in combination to trigger episodes — such as stress, anxiety, depression, or other factors. On a more complex level, it can be a feedback loop. For example, anxiety can trigger migraines, and more migraines can trigger more anxiety, which then triggers more migraines. And so on.

I offer support to people who struggle with this chronic issue, while working to understand on a deeper level the factors that may set up the environment for chronic migraines. I also help people cope with and manage life while dealing with this issue.

There are a variety of reasons people come to me to work with chronic migraines:

  • To receive emotional support and care from someone who understands that migraines are more than just a headache
  • To explore and work through any underlying causes or present stressors that may be contributing to the migraines (to help reduce severity and frequency of episodes)
  • To have a space to cope with and a manage the difficulties of dealing with this intrusive life issue
  • Figuring out how to still have a productive and fulfilling life while dealing with a chronic condition
  • Managing relationships that can often be impacted by this issue
  • Working through and managing accompanying factors, such as anxiety and depression

Our Work Together

In our work here together, we will aim to understand your overall migraine experience. Our conversations will be exploratory and reflective, as well as go into emotional depth about your life as a whole. We will go at a pace that is comfortable for you as we engage in the process together.

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