Do you experience chronic migraines or headaches?

Maybe you feel stressed, anxious, or depressed in this struggle, and possibly also live in constant fear of the next attack.

Or, perhaps you feel like no one understands or truly gets what you’re going through since they can’t “see” the pain (or other symptoms, such as aura)?

Migraines can be a lonely and painful struggle, impacting many areas of life.

One of my more unique specialties is helping people who struggle with migraines or chronic headaches. Migraines can be a difficult and complicated struggle. People with migraines often live in anxiety and worry of when the next attack will happen. It’s common to have to compromise parts of their lives to work around these attacks. They even can have a significant impact on relationships, as well.

While migraines tend to be generally regarded as a medical issue, migraines can be triggered and exacerbated by emotional processes, as well. Stress is perhaps the most commonly discussed emotional trigger, however, there is a lot to how the mind and body experiences and can hold emotions that can trigger chronic pain over time. I offer support to people who struggle with this chronic issue, as we come to understand and work through on a deeper level the factors that may exacerbate the internal environment for chronic migraines.


Our Work Together

Every person’s migraine struggle and story is different. As part of your migraine journey, I hope this can be a space where you feel safe to explore and understand your overall migraine experience. We will go at a pace that is comfortable for you as we help you manage and find some relief from this chronic issue. Reach out to me to let me know your experience and how I can help you.

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