Fear of Flying

Aside from my various areas of mental health speciality, I am the creator of an internationally recognized approach to helping people overcome fear of flying. This method is based on addressing the most relevant psychological and emotional factors that tend to reinforce fear of flying for people. As fear of flying has different origins for everyone, this method is personalized to your own needs, and is made for you whether you are unable to fly at all, or if you still do fly, but with significant anxiety and paralyzing.

Our Work Together

This approach focuses on helping the mind and body normalize the flying experience as a whole. It deals with anticipatory anxiety, takeoff, turbulence, cruise, landing — wherever your anxiety shows up. I have been using this approach for over a decade now, and people are often surprised to find that there is something that can actually help. Additionally, people tend to find that the way we work together on this issue actually has a positive impact on dealing with other daily life issues outside of flying as well, such as every day anxieties and even with relationship issues (while the method is geared towards the anxiety of flying, we’re working on anxiety as a whole, which tends to have a positive ripple effect beyond flying). People often come to me worried that they will never overcome fear of flying, and have been amazed to find themselves feeling empowered, more grounded, and for some not only shedding the fear, but actually feeling excited about flying, as well.

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