Fear of Flying

Aside from my various areas of mental health specialty, I am the creator of an internationally recognized approach to helping people overcome fear of flying. This approach is designed for you, whether you are unable to fly at all, or if you still do fly, but with significant anxiety. As fear of flying has different origins for everyone, the way we work is personalized to your own needs and experience.

I have seen many people in my practice who once felt tortured and limited by this fear — similarly to how you may feel now. It is possible to feel relief. The vast majority of people I have worked with make progress. Many are either no longer are affected by flying, or actually become excited by flying. While it may be hard to believe this can happen from where you are now, I have seen people go from either flying with tremendous anxiety and fear, or not flying at all, to now traveling frequently with a newfound sense of empowerment, liberation, and freedom.

Our Work Together

In our work together, we will help you to feel safe in spite of certain unknowns and vulnerabilities, similarly to how you experience normalized unknowns and risks in your daily life (such as driving, for example). We focus on helping the mind and body normalize the flying experience as a whole so you can travel more comfortably. Our work will involve coming to understand what underlies your fear of flying and what feeds into it. There will also be some exercises we do in our sessions, as well as light homework. Because the approach is personalized, not everyone experiences this the same way. We will focus on what needs the most attention based on you and where you are.

Another reason people have preferred this approach is because how we work tends to also have a positive impact on other daily life issues outside of flying, as well. While the work we’re doing is geared towards fear of flying, we approach this through your emotional process, which often ends up lowering general anxiety and helping balance other life issues as a whole. In addition to fear of flying, I have specialties in various other life areas. Therefore, when emotional and life struggles come up that could use our attention as well, there is room for these conversations to become integrated into our work here. It isn’t uncommon for people to come in to work on fear of flying, and to end up resolving several life issues in our time here.

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