Fear of Flying

Terrified, out of control, and vulnerable. These are all just some of the common feelings for those who struggle with a fear of flying.

It may seem like so many other people fly somehow with no issue. You may wonder how they are not also inundated with overwhelming thoughts of all that could go wrong, and/or anxiety taking over their whole bodies — physically feeling how scary and out of control things could get.

You’ve likely read and heard about how safe flying is supposed to be, yet this rational reassurance doesn’t do much, if anything at all, to help your anxiety; you may know flying is safe, but still feel emotionally that air travel is fundamentally unsafe and that you are in sincere, tremendous danger any time you have to fly.

In our work together, we will help you to feel safe in spite of certain unknowns and vulnerabilities, similarly to how you experience normalized unknowns and risks in your daily life (such as driving, for example).

Our Work Together

I have seen many people in my practice who once felt tortured and limited by this fear — similarly to how you may feel now. We have worked through these fears using my comprehensive and personalized approach to overcoming fear of flying.

To outline a bit of what this entails: on the surface, our sessions will be approached similarly to how you would approach a therapy session (I am a therapist, just for context). We will talk about your life and, in the process of this, we will also incorporate various exercises related to the flying experience and emotional experience of yourself, as well. Some will be done in our sessions and some will be done as brief homework. The approach is personalized, based on you as a whole, so the application of the exercises and shape of our sessions will vary from others based on this, ensuring that how we approach your fear of flying is most relevant to your needs.

You Can Learn to Tolerate Flying

It is possible to feel relief from this issue. The vast majority of people I’ve worked with make progress with this approach. Many are either no longer are affected by flying, or actually cross the thin line between fear and excitement to become excited by flying. So, yes, it is possible for tremendous anxiety and fear to become reduced significantly to make flying tolerable.

Additionally, one of reasons people tend to prefer this approach is because I also have specialties in various other life areas (such as general anxieties, relationships, depression, and more). Therefore, when life issues come up that could use our attention as well, there is room for these conversations to become integrated into our work here. In fact, people generally tend to find that the way we work together on fear of flying actually ends up having a positive impact on dealing with other daily life issues outside of flying, as well.

You may want to be able to:

  • travel for fun by yourself, with your family, or with your friends;
  • not hesitate to go somewhere that intrigues you;
  • go to weddings and other meaningful life events;
  • travel for work;
  • surprise your partner, family, or kids with a weekend trip;
  • or, generally see the world

While it may be hard to believe this can happen from where you are now, I have seen people go from either flying with tremendous anxiety and fear, or not flying at all, to now taking those trips with a new found sense of freedom, liberation, and empowerment.

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