Fear of Flying

Are you wanting to travel more, but find yourself resisting because the thought of flying or getting on an airplane is too scary?

Do you experience dread in the days, weeks or months leading up to a trip?

Perhaps you feel anxiety when the door closes after boarding a plane, or when about to take off.

Or, maybe you feel constant fear during a flight waiting for turbulence, or for something to go wrong.

Fear of flying (or flying phobia) can be a debilitating experience.

Aside from my various areas of mental health specialty, I’m the creator of an internationally recognized approach to helping people overcome fear of flying and flying phobia. This approach is designed with you in mind, whether you are unable to fly at all, or if you still do fly with significant anxiety. As fear of flying varies in experience and underlying causes for everyone, the way we will work together is personalized around you as a whole.

I have worked with people all across the world who once felt hopeless and limited by this fear — similarly to how you may feel now. Even though it may be hard to imagine from where you are now, it actually is possible to overcome fear of flying. and even to become excited by flying, traveling with a newfound sense of empowerment, confidence, and freedom.


Our Work Together

In our work together, we will empower you to experience a greater sense of safety and stability within the flying environment, similarly to how you may experience other normalized behaviors in your daily life (such as driving, for example). We will focus on helping the mind and body normalize the flying experience as a whole so you can travel more comfortably, as well as understanding and working through anxiety that you may carry with you mentally and emotionally. Because the approach is personalized, the way we work together will reflect your individual needs.

Another reason people have preferred this approach is because how we work tends to also have a positive impact on other daily life issues outside of flying, as well. While our primary goal is geared towards overcoming fear of flying, the way we work tends to end up lowering general anxiety and helping balance other life issues, as a whole. In addition to fear of flying, I have specialties in various other areas as a therapist and coach. Therefore, when other struggles come up that could use our attention, there is room for these conversations to become integrated into our work here (and it is often interconnected anyway). It is common for people to come to work on fear of flying while also addressing other goals simultaneously.

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