flower-858312_640Issues with relationships can surface at any time, whether in the course of a relationship, or when single. These can present in a variety of ways, including general difficulty with intimacy, patterns of controlling relationships (being controlled or being the controller), infidelity (being cheated on, or being the one cheating), difficulty with communicating effectively, difficulty surpassing third dates, patterns of arguments, general conflict with others, closing off from your partner or others, and more.

In my therapy practice, I have been helping people work on improving the quality of their current and future relationships for more than a decade. This includes the many areas where a person can find themselves struggling in relationships, including with communication, uncertainty or doubts about the relationship itself, difficulty finding someone suited to your needs, frustration with dating, losing oneself in the relationship, feeling like you’re too much (or that your partner is too much), and other areas as well.

Working Together

In our one-on-one work, we will learn and explore where the struggle with relationships is happening for you. We will go at your pace while empowering you to establish the quality of relationships you wish to have in your life. 

Contact Nathan for a psychotherapy or coaching consultation. Psychotherapy services are provided in-person in New York City. Online coaching services are offered nationally and internationally. 

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