Therapy for Relationships

Struggling with relationships and how you connect with other people can be a frustrating and lonely experience.

One of my areas of specialty is working with people who find themselves struggling in their relationships. For example, maybe you find it difficult to have or sustain intimacy, or build stronger connections with people. Or, maybe you find you’re often the one adjusting in the relationship, or that your needs and voice are often overlooked when it feels like it should be your turn. Or, perhaps you struggle to communicate your needs or frustrations, or end up in relationships where arguments become the frequent mode of communication.

There are many possible ways that relationship struggles can show up. And when not addressed can become a strain on the relationship, leading to more distance and tension, rather than closeness, intimacy, and connection.


Our Work Together

I work closely with people who find themselves struggling in relationships (whether these are ongoing patterns, or new struggles). I aim to offer a safe and supportive environment where we will go at your own pace, as we get to know your history and deeper relationship dynamics and patterns. Reach out and let me know how I can help you.

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