Fear of Flying

plane-2152402_640This specialized approach to overcoming Fear of Flying is designed to help you whether you are unable to get on a plane, or if you can travel, but with significant emotional discomfort. This method takes a comprehensive, personalized, multi-faceted approach in helping you work towards resolving this fear so you can fly and travel more comfortably. 

Why this Method?

I created this method more than a decade ago after observing the lack of effective fear of flying approaches that are out there. Many of the methods that exist are created by pilots, airlines, and others who have never experienced this kind of fear, and who don’t understand from a deeper psychological and emotional level what actually feeds this fear and, therefore, how to effectively respond to it. In fact, even many therapists who make an attempt to work with this fear generally try to do so by applying conventional phobia techniques, only to find that they are much less effective when it comes to reaching the complexity of fear of flying. 

As I’ve detailed in many articles and interviews around the internet, there are four major components, or areas, that need to be addressed in order to reach the main contributors of fear of flying. The other approaches I referenced above generally only reach one or two of these four areas. This is the reason that people can try certain approaches, feel some slight improvement, but then still feel afraid to fly. People often come to me after trying these other methods wondering why they’re still afraid to fly. 

Working Together

In our work together, we will work towards transforming your emotional relationship with flying and, therefore, your flying experience as a whole. Aside from the fact that this method is comprehensive and aims to reach all of the various mechanisms that feeds fear of flying for people, it is also a truly personalized method. (Other methods are generally courses, videos, books, et al, that feed you a one-size-fits-all approach and don’t take into consideration who you are and where you’re coming from psychologically and emotionally.

While some parts of this method are specifically structured, this method was intentionally created with the flexibility to be tailored to your individual needs and emotional history. Fear of flying is triggered and experienced differently from person to person. Once we are able to have an understanding of the underlying causes that are feeding your specific fear of flying, as well as knowing how you experience fear of flying (emotionally, concretely, et al), your situation will essentially fill in the blanks so the method can be applied to you based on your needs.

I have been using this method with people for over a decade now, and it has been highly successful in helping people (in fact, it has had an even higher rate of success than I imagined when I started this). I have had many people come to me who feel like there’s no chance they will overcome this fear, and end up surprised when this approach actually helps them feel more comfortable about flying, no longer feeling worried by things like turbulence, and better about traveling in general.

Contact Nathan for a fear of flying coaching consultation. 

**At the present time, new therapy and coaching intakes are currently welcome via online video sessions.

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