Fear of Flying

plane-2152402_640The specialized approach to overcoming Fear of Flying is designed to help you whether you are unable to get on a plane, or if you can travel, but with significant emotional discomfort. This method takes a comprehensive, multi-component approach in helping you work towards resolving your fear so you can fly and travel more comfortably. 

Working Together

In our work together we will work towards transforming your flying experience, as a whole. While some parts of this method are specifically structured, this method was created with the flexibility to be tailored to your individual needs and emotional history. Fear of flying is triggered and experienced differently from person to person, (which is why one-size-fits-all methods don’t tend to be so helpful for many). Once we are able to have an understanding of the underlying causes that are feeding your specific fear of flying, as well as knowing how you experience fear of flying (emotionally, concretely, et al), your situation will fill in the blanks so the method can be applied to you based on your needs.

I have been using this method with people for almost a decade now, and it has been highly successful. It is a unique method in that it addresses the areas where other methods tend to miss when trying to work on this phobia. I have had many, many people come to me who think feel like there’s no chance they will overcome this fear, and end up surprised when this approach has helped in the way other methods haven’t.

Contact Nathan for a fear of flying coaching consultation. 


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