wood-100181_640Struggling with commitment can be an exhausting experience, feeling like you can never quite settle down. This can be with relationships, career, and where to live, or this can extend to a general sense of feeling trapped in patterns of indecision in various areas of life.

‘Grass is Greener’ Syndrome

In my practice, I have worked with many people over the years who find themselves constantly looking for the ‘greener grass’, ready to start over and find something new. This is especially the case when the excitement of the current situation starts to fade out, or a more attractive-looking scenario presents itself. For many, the looming temptation to chase the next attractive possibility can become a pattern, making it difficult to feel fulfilled. You may find yourself feeling constantly conflicted about your current situation, or obsessing about whether or not a previous situation was one you should have held onto. 

Working Together

In our work together, I aim to help you understand and work through what drives the struggle with commitment for you. We will go at your pace to help you to feel more settled where you want to be in life. Visit the my approach page to learn more about how I work. 

Contact Nathan for a therapy or coaching consultation. Psychotherapy services are provided in-person in New York City. Online coaching services are offered nationally and internationally. 


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