Grass is Greener Syndrome and Commitment Challenges

Does no relationship ever feel quite good enough?

Do you notice yourself starting over in your relationships, or career, or moving frequently?

Does it often feel like you’re missing something better?

Or, perhaps you become stuck with making big (or even smaller) decisions.

Grass is Greener struggles can be exhausting and frustrating.

One of my more unique specialties is helping people who struggle with grass is greener patterns. In your life, it may feel like you’re often missing out on something better, which can lead to a push-pull between what you have and don’t have. A feeling of needing the ideal you may be missing, otherwise feeling deeply disappointed and deprived. This may lead to you repeatedly starting over — ending relationships (or tempted to) when the difficulties start to show up, or perhaps wanting to change careers or geographic location, etc. Generally, it may feel like nothing is quite good enough (even if it does at first), or that you will never feel satisfied enough to settle down.

You may experience some of these common characteristics of the grass is greener struggle:

  • Difficulty with commitment, or one foot out the door
  • Intimacy and closeness struggles
  • Trouble making clear decisions
  • Urges to run from relationships (or in other ways sabotaging positive and healthy relationships)
  • Pattern of looking for better or perfect relationships
  • Chronic disappointment in people
  • Low self-esteem or self-confidence
  • Perfectionism
  • High to unrealistically high expectations

Our Work Together

I work closely with people who struggle with grass is greener syndrome. We will go at your pace in a safe and supportive process as we get to know and help you through the complexities that tend to underly these patterns. While many people who struggle with grass is greener patterns can feel stuck and even hopeless after repeated dissatisfaction and starting over in various ways in life, it actually is possible to come through the other end of this. Reach out to me to let me know how I can help you.

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