Is ‘Instant Gratification’ Really Gratifying?

We live in a world where instant (and constant) gratification seems to be the demand. We want responses to texts and emails immediately. We can watch TV without commercials, watch an entire series without delay, and press pause were we to ever be in danger of missing a minute. We can pull out our phone and go shopping the moment we realize we want or need something. In many cases, we can have things delivered to us, even on the same day we place an order.

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Grass is Greener Syndrome: The Starvation of Needs

‘Grass is Greener’ Syndrome is no joke. People often regard this issue with a quick wave of the hand — “Oh, you always think the grass is greener on the other side.” However, for people who struggle with this issue, it is incredibly stressful and taxing, mentally and emotionally. It tends to wreak havoc in various areas of people’s lives, especially in relationships, career, or where to live, if not in other areas as well.

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Grass is Greener Syndrome: The Pain of Loss

Grass is Greener Syndrome (GIG) is a complicated issue. What is understood and experienced as GIG Syndrome is actually the larger symptom of an underlying process that has been building for some time. It’s generally a combination of separate issues coming together to create a larger scale problem. I am a therapist in New York City, and coach people long distance all over the world on overcoming and managing GIG Syndrome. In my experience, there’s a lot to say about the complexity of this issue, of which only a piece can be addressed in this post (see The Grass is Greener Syndrome for a previous article).

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Fear of Flying: The Underlying Causes

One of the four main components of the fear of flying coaching method I developed almost a decade ago — the Balanced Flying Method — takes a look at the ‘underlying’ emotions that are likely to be contributing to each person’s anxiety surrounding flying. The underlying causes vary from one person to the next, as the mind and body carry the emotional weight of past events. The emotional impact of these events is often dissociated from consciousness, which makes the emotions even more powerful when they’re triggered in the present.

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Life in One Take

TV and movies are a problem. Sure, it is all good entertainment and a way to pass some time. But, unfortunately, TV and movies hold much more power over us than many people understand. Over the years in my practice, I have seen many people negatively impacted by the subtle messages delivered in movies and TV shows.

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