Does Nostalgia Fuel Depression?

Ah, the good old days. If only I could go back and relive those moments. Nothing will ever be as good as that time with my friends as a teenager, the holidays with my family, or playing in the backyard as a child, chasing my dog. Or many other moments in the past that I wish I could revisit. I wish I could rewind the movie of my life and be there again, as if for the first time, but this time to “know then what I know now”. How I wouldn’t take it for granted this time. How I’d be aware with every passing moment how special each moment actually is and was, and truly cherish them in the moment this time around. 

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Fear of Flying: Solving YOUR Puzzle

In my practice, I have been using the comprehensive method I created for helping people overcome fear of flying — the Balanced Flying Method™ — for almost a full decade now. It was originally inspired from my own previous fear of flying, and later developed more fully based on my years of training as a psychotherapist. While the method saw positive results from the start, It has achieved a much higher rate of success than I could have envisioned at the beginning.

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Why Small Talk Causes Anxiety

One of my specialties in my practice is working with people who struggle with various forms of anxiety, including social anxiety. And it’s a consensus that small talk is a thorn in most people’s sides. Small talk is something that has the appearance of being easy — and some people do master the art of small talk over time to where navigating it can become second nature. However, there are reasons that small talk is often difficult and anxiety-inducing for many people.

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Is ‘Instant Gratification’ Really Gratifying?

We live in a world where instant (and constant) gratification seems to be the demand. We want responses to texts and emails immediately. We can watch TV without commercials, watch an entire series without delay, and press pause were we to ever be in danger of missing a minute. We can pull out our phone and go shopping the moment we realize we want or need something. In many cases, we can have things delivered to us, even on the same day we place an order.

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Grass is Greener Syndrome: The Starvation of Needs

‘Grass is Greener’ Syndrome is no joke. People often regard this issue with a quick wave of the hand — “Oh, you always think the grass is greener on the other side.” However, for people who struggle with this issue, it is incredibly stressful and taxing, mentally and emotionally. It tends to wreak havoc in various areas of people’s lives, especially in relationships, career, or where to live, if not in other areas as well.

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