Therapy for Life Balance

Achieving life balance is often easier said than done.

I help people create life balance starting from the inside-out. While sometimes achieving balance is as simple as a small practical change in life, creating balance often starts internally — emotionally and mentally. As you engage in this process of self-discovery and reflection, you come to understand yourself more and work through various life experiences, dynamics, and emotions that may otherwise be obstacles to areas of your life in the present. As you work towards creating balance on the inside, there is more room for balance on the outside to follow.

Our Work Together

In our work together, we will go at your pace as we explore and reflect on what has brought you to this point in your life, learn about where you would like to see yourself, and work through the underlying obstacles to creating these (internal and external) changes. I will be on the journey with you, not only to help facilitate the process, but also to support you along the way.

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