Who I Work With

I work with a wide variety of people who find themselves experiencing difficulty in one or more areas of life. Often, the people I work with may deal with anxiety, depression, or struggle with building or maintaining meaningful relationships. I also have a few unique specialties in helping people overcome fear of flying; working through ‘grass is greener syndrome’ — patterns of repeatedly starting over in relationships, career, or otherwise; and another specialty in helping people who struggle with chronic migraines.

Perhaps you experience one (or more) of the following…

  • Want to feel more settled in your life
  • Struggle with chronic anxiety and/or depression
  • Can feel deeply nostalgic
  • Worry that you won’t be accepted if you’re “being yourself”
  • Feel like you’re “too much” for people, or worry about being a burden to others
  • You’re the person who takes care of others, but finds it hard to receive care, or find room for self-care
  • Are successful in your career, but you struggle with relationships and other areas of your life
  • Want to have deeper connections with people
  • Often wish for a different life or looking to start over in various ways
  • Have trouble making decisions
  • Feel like your mind and body are running away with you
  • Find yourself either uncomfortable or even incapacitated by certain fears
  • Feel unexplained physiological symptoms that may possibly be related to stress, anxiety, or other emotional experiences

These, as well as many others I didn’t list, are common experiences I work with. You’re welcome to reach out to me and we can discuss what you’re looking for and how I can help you.


Our Work Together

Starting therapy is a very personal experience. Whatever you are struggling with that brings you here, taking the step to start therapy is a positive step. My aim is to welcome you with a safe, comfortable, and supportive space where we can go at your pace together in working through the issues that are calling for our attention. If you’re not sure if we’d be a good fit, you’re welcome to reach out and we can discuss together what you’re looking for and how I can help you.

Reach out to schedule a consultation.

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