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I work with people who often keep their feelings of anxiety and sadness to themselves. This might mean you do well at work but are struggling in more intimately relationships, where it is harder to hide these feelings. You may find that this struggle is playing out at work too. Either way, you may worry the people in your life don’t understand you or don’t take you seriously. You might be surrounded by people but can also feel like you’ve been on your own for a long time. Sometimes you think about running away or leaving your relationship because there has to be something or someone better out there.

Maybe you experience one (or more) of the following…

  • Want to feel more settled in your life
  • Struggle with chronic anxiety and/or depression
  • Have trouble making decisions
  • Worry about being judged when you’re ‘being yourself’
  • Feel like you’re “too much” for people, or worry about being perceived as ‘needy’
  • Feel like you’re the person who takes care of others, but find it hard to receive the same kind of care in return
  • Are successful in your career, but feel like you struggle with relationships and other areas of your life
  • Want to have deeper connections and conversations with people but struggle to find others who desire the same
  • Imagine a different life for yourself and think about leaving your relationship or changing careers
  • Want to be able to “start over” in various ways in life, or often feel deeply nostalgic
  • Feel like your mind and body are running away with you
  • Struggle to prioritize yourself without worrying about burdening others

More About Therapy

Some people can struggle to feel intimately close with others, can’t quite settle down, or constantly urge to run away from relationships (or careers, or where to live) and start over. This can also manifest as feeling trapped in patterns of indecision in various areas of life and experiencing life as passing you by out of fear of making the wrong decision.

When the excitement of the current situation starts to fade out, or a more seemingly attractive scenario presents itself, you find yourself feeling the looming temptation to chase the next attractive possibility can become a pattern, making it difficult to feel fulfilled and settled in life.

We can work together to understand these feelings and create the ability to have more connected relationships with others. Let’s talk together about ways you can find some relief.

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