Who I Work With

There are many possible reasons that people start therapy. I work with people who find themselves struggling in one or more areas of life. My specialties include Anxiety, Relationship struggles, Depression, Fear of Flying, Migraines, Life transitions, and more.

While every person comes with their own experiences and history, I often work with people who are good at caring for others, but can struggle to be cared for, or find the necessary room for their own needs to be relevant. I also often see people who tend to keep their feelings and struggles to themselves, or who can strongly take on the emotions of others.

Maybe you experience one (or more) of the following…

  • Want to feel more settled in your life
  • Struggle with chronic anxiety and/or depression
  • Often feel deeply nostalgic
  • Worry that you won’t be accepted if you’re “being yourself”
  • Feel like you’re “too much” for people, or worry about being a burden to others
  • You’re the person who takes care of others, but find it hard to receive care
  • Are successful in your career, but you struggle with relationships and other areas of your life
  • Want to have deeper connections with people
  • Often wish for a different life or looking to start over in various ways
  • Have trouble making decisions
  • Feel like your mind and body are running away with you

Our Work Together

In therapy, we work together to understand your emotional and daily life struggles to help you move through them. I am here to support you and help facilitate the process of growth and change. Every person is unique, and I want to learn about who you are, where you are coming from, and where you would like to go — emotionally as well as in life — as we bring you onto your desired path.

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