Our Work Together

Therapy is a safe, supportive, and open space for you to find relief, connection, and acceptance.

It is your turn for the attention and care you need.

It’s common to begin therapy feeling emotionally unsettled and aware that something needs to shift in your life, even if you may not fully know what needs to change or where you’d like to end up yet. The path often becomes illuminated as we organically settle into our work here together. We will go at your pace as we engage in a process of healing and change.

Therapy is a space for you. It’s a place to slow down, reflect, discover, sort through emotions, thoughts, or ideas, or simply just to have a safe, reliable, and confidential space to have the conversations you want to have. There is no pressure or judgment. We go at your pace as we work into the process together.

More About Our Work

We will work together to create shifts toward balance in your life starting from the inside-out. While sometimes achieving balance is as simple as a small practical change in life, creating balance often starts internally — emotionally and mentally (psychotherapy). As we engage in this process of self-discovery and reflection together, you are able to work through and take control of various life experiences, dynamics, and emotions (psychotherapy) that may otherwise be obstacles to areas of your life in the present. As we bring awareness and insight to these underlying patterns, you are able to become more empowered to take control of your life and emotions, rather than them taking control over you.

We go at your pace in a safe, supportive, and reflective process as we get to know your dynamics and what is underlying these patterns of struggle for you.

While many people struggle with change in and of itself, the unknown that follows the changes can often be hard to sit with. For these, and other reasons, shifts can be fraught with indecision, pushback against the changes (even while moving forward), along with other conflicted feelings. This is why therapy can be so important—I will be with you through these struggles.

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