Therapy for Life Transitions

Life transitions can be stressful, intimidating, and even scary.

Going through transitions in life can bring up a number of different feelings, all of which can be uncomfortable, overwhelming, or even paralyzing. While many people struggle with change in and of itself, the unknown that follows the changes can often be hard to sit with. For these, and other reasons, life transitions can be fraught with indecision, pushback against the changes (even while moving forward), along with other conflicted feelings.

People come to me for help with any of the following life transitions:

  • Moving in together in your relationship
  • Marriage
  • Having children, becoming a parent (including postpartum stresses)
  • Going from college or graduate school into career
  • Relationship breakups or divorce
  • Career changes
  • Loss and grief

Our Work Together

In our work together, we will go at your pace as we explore and reflect on the transitions, whether you are undecided on what’s next, or if you’re in the midst of the changes and struggling to get through them, or if you’ve already made the changes but are struggling to adjust. Together we will learn about the difficulties of the transitional space for you, and work through the underlying obstacles to help you find your place among the changes. I will be on the journey with you, not only to help facilitate the process, but also to support you along the way.

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