Creative Blocks

UnknownThroughout my career as a psychotherapist, I have had the opportunity to work with many performing and visual artists. Some are at the early stages of their careers, while many are already established, working full-time in their craft. Many come to me to work on emotional connection and expression for the purpose of enhancing their work, while also often to simultaneously work on a general life issue. 

Working Together

We will go at your pace to increase your overall emotional access and connectedness that you can carry with you into auditions, stage performances, tv/movie shoots, visual artwork, and more.

You may also directly bring your work into our sessions to help learn where you are emotionally engaging, disengaging or over-engaging. As I am not specifically an acting coach, I refrain from instructing you on the acting aspect of your work. I help facilitate a process of self-exploration and self-discovery as you move through stuck emotional processes, thereby connecting (or reconnecting) to areas of yourself and your life.

Contact Nathan for a psychotherapy or coaching consultation. Psychotherapy services are provided in-person in New York City. Online coaching services are offered nationally and internationally. 


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