Anxiety Therapy

Photo illustration by Mindy RickettsAnxiety can be an uncomfortable and frustrating struggle. There are many forms anxiety can take. To name just a few, anxiety can be a physical experience where you may feel the need to constantly be on the move, or may possibly feel paralyzed and unable to make decisions or be productive. You may feel a need to remove yourself from certain situations, people, or otherwise. You may carry tension emotionally and physically, or also feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem, and more. 

In my therapy practice, I have worked closely with the various forms of anxiety for over a decade. This includes general anxiety — a feeling of anxiety in the mind and thoughts, physical body anxiety, or a feeling of constant anxious energy that may feel like you have more energy than your body can handle. Then there are also anxieties related to things such as relationships, major life transitions, career, school, dating, money, social anxiety, sex, test-taking, and other places where anxiety rears its head. 

Aside from physical anxiety, anxiety can also happen more mentally, taking over your mind and thoughts. You may find yourself obsessing about conversations you’ve had or will have, focusing on negative aspects of yourself, worrying about various things in life (money, losing your job, etc.), and more. Many people who experience anxiety experience it in more than one of these areas.

Working Together

In our work together, I first want to learn about you and hear about what you are struggling with. From there we will go at your pace to help you work through these struggles so you can feel more calm, comfortable, and relaxed in your life. Visit the my approach page to learn more about how I work. 

Contact Nathan for a therapy or coaching consultation. Therapy services are provided in-person in New York City. Online coaching services are offered nationally and internationally. 

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