My approach is to first just sit with you and understand what you are going through in your life, as a whole. I’m interested in getting to know you, where you are coming from in your life, what you are happy with, and what you’d like to change and improve moving forward. 

As can be helpful, I utilize various techniques along with integrative psychotherapy including affect regulation, emotional focus, mindfulness, and behavioral techniques. 

The approach and techniques we will use for you are based on what makes most sense for your situation and are always decided together. 


Nathan Feiles is a psychotherapist and contemporary psychoanalyst in full time private practice in New York City. He works with individuals, couples, and groups locally, as well as with individuals nationally and internationally via online specialty coaching.

Nathan specializes in working with the many contexts of Anxiety, Relationship Issues, ‘Grass is Greener Syndrome’, Fear of Flying, Chronic Migraines, Commitment Issues, Decision-Making, Depression, as well as others.

Nathan Feiles earned his M.A. in Social Work (MSW) from New York University (NYU), and is licensed in clinical social work (LCSW) in both New York State and California, with the ‘R’ privilege in New York (which allows people in NY state to utilize their out-of-network insurance benefits to work with Nathan). He completed a 4-year postgraduate training in comprehensive psychotherapy and contemporary psychoanalysis at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP) in New York City where he remains affiliated today.

He has written regularly for PsychCentral.com and TheMighty.com, and has been a guest writer for Migraine.com. His articles have also been featured on many mental health websites around the web. He has also been interviewed by the Huffington Post, BravoTV.com, the Fear of Flying School, and has appeared on several radio shows and podcasts for his various specialties. 

Contact Nathan with questions or to schedule an appointment.

* Nathan Feiles is available for media interviews and presentations in all areas of specialty. 


Licensed Clinical Social Worker: State of New York (License Number R081198), State of California (License Number 63888)

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