Therapy for Depression

Are you feeling chronically sad?

Do you feel like you’re often tired or lacking energy in your body?

Does the idea of getting out of bed every day feel like a daunting task?

Perhaps you’re experiencing chronic feelings of loss, deep disappointment, relentless nostalgia, and even hopelessness.

Depression can be a lonely struggle.

Depression can grab ahold of people in a number of different ways, as well as for a variety of underlying reasons.  It may be mentally and physically daunting or exhausting just taking care of yourself on a daily basis, or going to work, or becoming motivated to do things in general. On the more severe end, you may even feel like harming yourself or escaping from life. When you’re depressed, life can feel like a slog that weighs you down, and every little thing that needs your attention can feel depleting and overwhelming.

One of my specialties is working with and supporting people who struggle with depression. Contrary to what people may know about depression, it isn’t only a feeling of deep sadness — though it certainly can be this. But depression can also be a chronic feeling of irritability and heaviness that weighs over (or “depresses”) the experience of life, as a whole. It’s not that you always feel sad and want to cry, as much as everything feels like too much to handle. It becomes tempting to just back away from everything in an attempt to recharge a battery that always feels on the verge of depletion.


Our Work Together

In our work together, I aim to get to know you and the struggle you’ve been having. Depression isn’t the same experience from one person to the next, and for this reason, how we approach your experience will be based on you. I strive to provide a safe and supportive space for you, and we will go at your pace as we work through this struggle together.

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