Are You Overwhelmed?

Almost everyone’s mental health has been impacted from the turn life has taken in the last few months. As things were, life was already stressful enough for many people prior to COVID-19. There was more than enough anxiety, panic, depression, fear, worry, headaches, and more to overflow our mental and emotional tanks. Life has always … More Are You Overwhelmed?

Migraines and Headaches: Yes, Psychotherapy Can Help

Migraines and headaches have long been viewed as a purely medical issue. But it’s not necessarily the case. While migraine education and research is constantly expanding, there still is no certainty of what causes (or cures) migraines. In fact, even during severe migraine auras, there are often no underlying medical issues detected, with MRIs and CT … More Migraines and Headaches: Yes, Psychotherapy Can Help