Migraines: Your Internal Migraine Environment

Chronic migraines are life-changing. It is a lonely struggle that family and friends don’t tend to understand without experiencing it for themselves (and migraines are a very individual experience, so even those who have had a migraine don’t necessarily know the struggle of another). With chronic migraines, the fear of the next attack always looms. In … More Migraines: Your Internal Migraine Environment

Migraines: The Silent Voice of Our Past

I’ve discussed in previous articles the idea that emotional history (past and present) can be a significant factor with chronic migraines. That’s not to, in any way, ignore the relevance of neuroscience and medical factors that could also be happening. For some, medication is very helpful. However, for many chronic migraine sufferers, medical treatments often … More Migraines: The Silent Voice of Our Past