The Many Faces of Anxiety

Anxiety is often seen as a collective ball. An all-encompassing state of being that you either have or don’t have. But in reality, there are various forms of anxiety that one could struggle with (and they are not all optimally treated by the same therapeutic approaches as the other).

Fear of Flying: Plane Crashes and Reverse Normalization

The recent Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max accident has created a stir for people who already experience flying anxiety. For people who aren’t afraid of flying, an incident like this tends to be just that — an isolated incident amongst millions and millions of safe flights. It is, of course, always disturbing and upsetting to see … More Fear of Flying: Plane Crashes and Reverse Normalization

Fear of Flying: Surviving Turbulence

Fear of flying is a complicated phobia. One of the most difficult parts of overcoming fear of flying is allowing the possibility of having a different experience of flying. The people I work with in my psychotherapy and coaching practice often start our work struggling with detaching themselves from their previous associations to flying. Inside … More Fear of Flying: Surviving Turbulence