Are You Overwhelmed?

Almost everyone’s mental health has been impacted from the turn life has taken in the last few months. As things were, life was already stressful enough for many people prior to COVID-19. There was more than enough anxiety, panic, depression, fear, worry, headaches, and more to overflow our mental and emotional tanks. Life has always … More Are You Overwhelmed?

Fear of Flying: Surviving Turbulence

Fear of flying is a complicated phobia. One of the most difficult parts of overcoming fear of flying is allowing the possibility of having a different experience of flying. The people I work with in my psychotherapy and coaching practice often start our work struggling with detaching themselves from their previous associations to flying. Inside … More Fear of Flying: Surviving Turbulence

Relationships and Social Anxiety: Who Are We Really Hiding From?

People often prefer to believe that it’s possible to hide pieces of ourselves that we don’t want people to see, often exaggerating certain qualities in order to conceal others: Some may try to act in an overly nice manner in order to avoid being seen with anger or hostility; some may try to speak with … More Relationships and Social Anxiety: Who Are We Really Hiding From?