Life in One Take

TV and movies are a problem. Sure, it is all good entertainment and a way to pass some time. But, unfortunately, TV and movies hold much more power over us than many people understand. Over the years in my practice, I have seen many people negatively impacted by the subtle messages delivered in movies and … More Life in One Take

8 Tricks to Sustaining Sex in Your Relationship

Sex can be difficult to sustain in relationships. While there are some who are able to do it, there are generally factors that can counter sexual excitement in relationships. For example, part of what makes sex exciting is risk and unknown. Think of the difference between the first time you had sex with someone and … More 8 Tricks to Sustaining Sex in Your Relationship

Coming to Grips with Marriage: “This is It??”

Many individuals and couples come into therapy with a similar relationship complaint: being married isn’t what they expected. More specifically, the reality of marriage is not aligned with their fantasies of marriage. It’s nice to have fantasies. They give us goals, the drive to achieve, hope, desire, and more. However, when we expect that reality … More Coming to Grips with Marriage: “This is It??”

Movies versus Your Relationships

Over the years, there’s become increasing awareness about how movies impact the expectations people have for their relationships. While our real life experiences as children set the stage psychologically (subconsciously) for future relationships, movies have a way of portraying and reinforcing society’s “standards” for what a relationship “should” look like. Unfortunately, movies generally paint a … More Movies versus Your Relationships