Relationship Issues


Relationship issues can surface during the course of a relationship, or also when single. These can present in various ways, including difficulty surpassing third dates, general difficulty with intimacy, patterns of abusive relationships, infidelity, general conflict with others, and more.

Siding along relationships, I also specialize in commitment issues. When commitment issues surface, you may notice a tendency to bounce from one job or one partner to the next, and are continuously starting over in various ways; or are tempted to do things such as cheating on a partner, make unfulfilled promises, etc. It becomes difficult to achieve a true feeling of being settled, secure, and fulfilled in the present. A desire for more, and for change, is constantly looming — the grass is always greener on the other side.

In our work together we will learn and explore your struggle with relationships and/or commitment. We will aim to uncover what’s happening underneath to cause these struggles and help empower you to establish the kinds of relationships — and sense of commitment — you wish you have in your life.