Performing & Visual Artists

I have had the opportunity to work with many actors/actresses, performing artists, and visual artists. Some are at the early stages of their careers, while many are already established and well-respected, working full-time in their craft. I am often contacted by people who want to work on their personal emotional connection and expression for the purpose of enhancing their work, often while also working on a life issue. 

During the course of our work, many have noticed an increase in the quality of emotional access and connectedness in auditions, stage performances and tv/movie shoots, visual artwork, and otherwise.

We will work together to deepen your personal emotional connection imageswithin your life context, while also connecting with meaning in the context of your craft (for example, developing a deeper ability to understand and connect to a role for a movie or tv show). 

You may also directly bring your work into our sessions (whether in person or online) to help learn where you are emotionally engaging, disengaging or over-engaging, etc., and where to adjust. As I am not specifically an acting coach, I refrain from instructing you on the acting aspect of your work. I am direct and honest in my approach, and if I notice an area where something is blocking you emotionally, I will have us explore and understand it together.

I work with many artists locally in NYC, as well as long-distance online (including in the Los Angeles Hollywood scene). I also work with college and graduate students, and other professionals in the creative arts industry.