Actors & Artists

I have had the opportunity to work with many actors/actresses, performing artists, and visual artists. Many are at the early stages of their careers, while others are already established, well-respected, and working full-time in their craft. As emotional connection and expression is an essential part of working in the arts, I am often contacted by people who want to further their work in this area (in many cases, while also working on a general life issue).

During the course of our work, many have noticed an increase in the quality of emotional access and connectedness in auditions, stage performances and tv/movie shoots, visual artwork, and otherwise. This stronger emotional quality has often come with increased confidence and success in their craft as a whole.

Our work includes increasing personal emotional understanding on a deeper level imageswithin each person’s life context; connecting with personal emotional meaning for each individual; also connecting with meaning in the context of each person’s craft (for example, developing a deeper understanding and connection to a role for a movie or tv show); and directly bringing their craft into our sessions and understanding themselves emotionally within the context of each person’s work (e.g. working on a scene for a show, or working on a painting and learning where they are emotionally connecting, disengaging or over-engaging, etc., and where to adjust). As I am not specifically an acting coach, I refrain from instructing a person on what to do in their work, as much as I help the artist to locate their own emotional core and voice within the context of their work and lives.

I work with many artists locally in NYC, and long-distance online (including in the Los Angeles/ Hollywood scene), as well as with college and graduate students, and other professionals in the creative arts industry.