Life Transitions

a_study_in_flowing_water_xiii_by_christhejeweler-d4la86aLife Transitions can include things such as marriage, applying to school, having children, moving, divorce, changes in career or job, loss of a loved one, moving in with a partner, illness, and others. Some transitions are more obvious, and some can be more subtle.

What all transitions have in common is that they tend to activate a host of emotions that cause you to lose your sense of emotional grounding in your life. These adjustments can trigger various types of emotional responses, such as overwhelm and exhaustion, anxiety, stress, depression, and others, which can significantly impact how you function on a daily basis.

In approaching your particular life transition, we will work to understand the situation and the impact it is having on your life, including the possible ripple effects that often occur with life transitions. As we get to know the overall impact of the transition in your life, we will work to help ground you emotionally within this time of adjustment and help empower you to move forward and help things take your desired shape in this new stage of your life.