Fear of Flying


This specialized approach to overcoming Fear of Flying, which I have called the Balanced Flying Method, is designed to help you both if you are unable to get on a plane, or if you can still travel with the fear of flying, but with significant emotional discomfort. This method takes a comprehensive approach to resolve your fear and allow you to fly comfortably. The Balanced Flying Method focuses on four major components that tend to feed fear of flying: Normalization, Passenger Flying Education, Tools and Techniques, and Underlying Emotions.

In our work together to overcome this issue, these four components are combined to work towards making flying a more pleasant experience for you. While some parts of this method are specifically structured, this approach was created with significant flexibility so that it is tailored to your individual needs and emotional history. This means that we are able to specifically respond to the areas where you would benefit most. 

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*The Balanced Flying Method is available nationally and internationally online.