sand-768783_640Migraines can be a lonely and complicated struggle, potentially impacting many areas of your life. One of my specialties is helping people who struggle with migraines be able to cope and manage life with migraines, while also working to relieve the emotional elements that can have a hand in feeding and triggering migraines. If you deal with migraines, you know first hand how disruptive to life they can be, even in between attacks wondering when the next one will be triggered.

In our work together here, I first want to learn about you and what you’re going through. This is a place where you can receive the support and understanding that’s not always so easy to come by with migraines. We will go at your pace to understand your history while helping you to take control of your own life even with migraines in the picture. At the same time, we will also work towards relieving you of the frequency and severity of attacks, particularly working through the elements of chronic migraines and that may have been bolstered over time by emotional, cognitive, and trauma-based underpinnings. Visit the my approach page to learn more about my work. 

Contact Nathan for a therapy or coaching consultation. Psychotherapy services are provided in-person in New York City. Online coaching services are offered nationally and internationally. 

**At the present time, new therapy and coaching intakes are currently welcome via online video sessions (teletherapy). In addition to the specialties discussed on this website, Nathan is also seeing people for emotional distress related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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