Depression Therapy

Depression can be a lonely struggle. There are varying degrees to which people can experience a depression. It can be a more mild sense of overarching sadness that weighs on you on a consistent basis. You may notice regular feelings of longing, deep nostalgia, feelings of loss (of people or time), you may experience loss of appetite, and other symptoms. Depression can also be more moderate where you may have difficulty getting out of bed, or notice yourself missing work or school frequently, becoming less consistent with daily life self-care (showering, eating, etc.), thoughts about death and dying (not necessarily of harming yourself), and an overall experience of being down and not fulfilled.

More severe forms of depression can be accompanied by a constant loss of hope and a difficulty functioning at all in many areas of life. This can involve thoughts of harming yourself and yearning for an escape from life. You may notice yourself wanting to sleep constantly. These wishes for escape can turn into substance and alcohol abuse and other self-harming habits, as well.

Working Together

My aim is to provide you a safe place to receive the support you need. Depression can leave people feeling like they are dragging through life, and it’s that much harder when you feel like you’re going through it alone. We will go at your pace to understand and work through the underlying elements feeding your depression, aiming to lighten and ease life’s burdens while bringing more hope and positivity into your life. Visit the my approach page to learn more about my work. 

Contact Nathan for a therapy consultation. 

**At the present time, new therapy and coaching intakes are currently welcome via online video sessions (teletherapy). In addition to the specialties discussed on this website, Nathan is also seeing people for emotional distress related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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