Grass is Greener Syndrome: Euphoric Memories and Craving

‘Grass is Greener’ syndrome is a really tough and paralyzing cycle for many people who struggle with this issue. It can make people feel that they are never fully settled in life, repeatedly experiencing urges to find the better thing they are missing out on, leading to a pattern of changing relationships, careers, where to … More Grass is Greener Syndrome: Euphoric Memories and Craving

Life in One Take

TV and movies are a problem. Sure, it is all good entertainment and a way to pass some time. But, unfortunately, TV and movies hold much more power over us than many people understand. Over the years in my practice, I have seen many people negatively impacted by the subtle messages delivered in movies and … More Life in One Take

Depression Sucks..

I know, clinical word, right? — “Sucks”. But it does. Depression sucks. I’ve seen many people in my practice who struggle with depression, and there’s nothing easy about it. One day you feel pretty okay, and another day you’re suddenly having a hard time getting out of bed again. Or you may feel like you’re … More Depression Sucks..