Balanced Flying Method — Video Streaming Sessions


The complete package contains 9 sessions, created to guide you step-by-step through the Balanced Flying Method. You can watch at your pace, as well as repeat sessions as you wish. You can start watching immediately after making the payment.

Purchasing and Viewing Instructions:

To purchase the package, click on the “Buy Now” button below.

  • Make sure to choose a 5 digit PIN where it is requested, and also enter a shipping address. Though nothing will actually be shipped to you, this PIN and your address will be used to confirm your purchase should you lose the password. (If you lose your password, email me directly with your name, PIN, and address you entered when making the purchase).
  • Once the payment has been processed by Paypal, you will be directed to a page showing the password to all of the sessions. Once you have this password, you can return to this page and click on any of the sessions below to view at your leisure. (Be sure to save the password elsewhere on your device or write it down, and also bookmark this page so you can easily come back to view the sessions at any time). 


The cost for the whole package of 9 sessions is $419 (USD). This breaks down to just over $46 per session, which is basically comparable to paying an insurance copay for each session. (The price will increase to $459 in March 2018). For the rest of December, enjoy the first session for free (click on Session #1 below, and enter the password: Session1).

By purchasing this package of videos, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Balanced Flying Method™ Video Package (9 sessions):

Session #1: Intro and Airport
Session #2: Boarding
Session #3: Taxi
Session #4: Takeoff
Session #5: Cruise
Session #6: Turbulence 1
Session #7: Turbulence 2
Session #8: Landing
Session #9: Preparing for your Flight; Next Steps

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