Hello! I am a real live licensed therapist in New York City. I work with many individuals (adults and teens) and couples every week and utilize a wide variety of treatment modalities, each tailored to address the needs of the person/couple sitting in front of me.

I’m creating this blog to discuss my thoughts and opinions about issues that people face on a daily basis. Some of these could include things like relationship issues (finding, or managing current relationships, dating, marital issues, breakups, divorce, kids, etc.), social and general anxieties, phobias, sadness or depression, stress, grief, frustration or anger, and other topics that aren’t listed here. I plan to approach this from several angles, including commenting on articles or situations or current events that link to these issues. And, of course, there will be polls! Basically, it’s wide open, but from the therapist’s perspective. Please feel free to discuss if anything interests you!

*I must make a disclaimer here that this blog is not a replacement or equivalent for therapy. If you’re experiencing urges to harm yourself or anyone else, call 911 or a help hotline immediately. The people on the other end of the phone really do care and want to help and will not judge you in the least for making that call (in fact they will most likely praise you for it!).

If you want to keep up with these topics, feel free to subscribe to this blog through the link on the right side of the page. If you have specific questions about therapy or are looking for a therapist, please feel free to email me.

Happy Reading!


What are your thoughts?

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